About My Recipes…..

I’m no Martha Stewart.  Or Julia Child.  Or any well-trained, disciplined and talented chef for that matter.  I learned how to cook by a) trying not to flunk out of high school home-ec classes, b) watching my mom cook and c) loving food.  None of these have helped me much in trying to learn a new, IBS-Friendly way of cooking.  So I’m winging it.  These are my recipes, that work for my stomach and my family.  If I’ve taken an old favourites and adjusted it to suit my dietary requirements, I’ll try to credit where I found the original recipe… if I can remember where it came from! 

I’ve tried to include really helpful instructions, but I tend to cook like my mom – ‘you just cook it’.  So if my recipes work out a bit dodgy for you, please let me know, and I’ll see what I need to fix.